What Not To Do In Your First Project

What Not To Do In Your First Project

Is this your first interior design and décor project? Congratulations. We feel really proud of you. However, before you embark upon this new journey in your life, here are some of the pitfalls that you should avoid. Don’t forget to read them all.

  • Never invest in trends

Yes. That is true. Most of the trends don’t even last for a few weeks. They would change as soon as the seasons do. Your First ProjectYou will have something less to bank upon each time a trend changes. Your designs will become old very easily and the client might easily believe that he did not get a good deal from you. So should you ignore trends completely? Not always. Include trends in cushions or maybe curtains. Things that can be changed easily can follow trends. You can take hints from the trends as well. But don’t follow them blindly.

  • Mismatched furniture is not needed

Don’t buy furniture that does not match well with your theme. The client might wish to keep some of his old furniture in the room. This might not match with the new theme that you are working on. Better talk to the client and tell him the problem. It would help in resolving conflicts later on. You can suggest some kind of renovation for the furniture which might include painting it or staining the old wood. Match things with each other to get the best look.

  • Extravagance is not about the best

You will definitely come across many extravagant pieces of furniture and décor for your house. Do not put too much stress on your resources and buy only those things that bring you value for your money. The most extravagant things you own will never last for years and while creating interior décor, you have to ensure the same. So don’t waste your funds unnecessarily and focus on simpler and subtler themes.

  • Focus on the details

As an interior designer, you should definitely think about focusing on the smaller details as much as possible. Don’t be too bothered with the details as you would definitely keep on changing things continuously. Instead of this, make sure that the smaller items of décor like a flower vase or your books are placed neatly in the bookcase. Also make sure that you pay attention to create an environment that looks peaceful and harmonious. Anything less than this is not desirable.

As a first time interior designer, things could get messy for you. Always make sure that you have noting down each and every expense you are making and also cite the reasons why you did something instead of the other in the room. The better you are at record keeping, the better it would be to manage your projects. Hence, find some inspiration, keep in touch with the trends of your industry and make sure that you are bringing the best designs for your clients. The more you follow these principles, the better results you will get from your projects.

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