The Other Side Of Interior Decoration -1

The Other Side Of Interior Decoration -1

Interior decoration often looks like a ‘cute career’ to many women. Considering what you are getting to see on different decoration websites and Pinterest, it is quite common that women think about interior decoration as a career. They think that interior decoration would give them flexible work times and would also be able to provide Other Side Of Interior Decorationthem a great work from home opportunity. Well, in the beginning, everything seems very beautiful and heavenly. However, you need to understand that interior decoration is not as easy as it seems. It is not a very smooth ride. Learn about the other side of interior decoration that people usually don’t talk about.

  • You will have to be very organized

As an interior decorator, you will have to be a very organized person. You cannot help but be an organized person. Anyone who wants to be an interior designer will have to keep tab on a lot of things. This will include receipts and even swatches of fabrics. A disorganized person will hardly find any kind of value in the interior decoration business. In fact, it is quite possible that you misplace everything and have issues in answering your own queries and doubts later on. You have to be a manager and a bookkeeper before you become an interior designer. If organization is not your cup of tea, this business is not for you.

  • Networking is essential

You should not think that you will be able to market your business in isolation. If you think that you will do the interiors for your friends and relatives and then simply wait for a huge clientele to follow you, you are absolutely wrong. Yes, doing some work for people you already know would be very helpful for you in the beginning. However, this does not mean that you don’t network with people of your field. You should be trying to contact them and learn about the nitpicks of the trade as well.

Not only this, you will also have to start talking with contractors in your area. You should keep the numbers of electricians and plumbers handy as well. This would help you a lot in ensuring that you are getting your contracts completed on time. If you search for these people at the last moment, you will probably be facing a lot of issues. Hence, it is essential that you focus on getting as many contacts as possible. These people would not only work for you but also recommend you whenever someone they know is in need.

  • Know when you have to say no

There will be many types of clients when you are working as an interior decorator. Some of them would not even understand what interior design is all about. Most of them are confused about what they want and some are so adamant upon their designs that they do not wish to accept an improvement in what they have decided. You will come across all sorts of clients when you work as an interior decorator. Make sure that your client also has realistic expectations about his work and he knows what to expect from you. If not, just say no.

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