Interior Designing As A Career Option

Interior Designing As A Career Option

Interior designing can be wonderful career option for most women. It is a relatively colorful and exciting color option that would certainly be enjoyed by you. Every day is a new challenge and offers many interesting insights as well. So let us know everything about interior designing as a career option so that you can explore it too.

  • Job description of an interior designer

An interior designer has to ensure that he enhances the space that is assigned to him. He has to improve the utility,Interior Designing As A Career Option form, function as well as aesthetics of a space. They would take furniture, colors, lighting and textures into account and ensure that the needs of the homeowners are met. Interior designers work for homes, offices and even schools and shopping malls. You can even specialize in any of these spaces to fetch a higher fee per hour.

  • Educational qualifications

One of the essential educational qualifications for an interior designer is a four year degree in interior designing. Many professional colleges around the States provide degree courses in interior design. A bachelor’s degree earned by a four year program is the most desirable. However, a certificate or an associate degree can also be earned if you opt for a two or three year course. Either way, you would be able to start working with an interior designer. There are many apprentice programs available with architect firms and design firms where you would easily find work. After this, you can either continue to work as an associate or start your own business as well. It would not be a good idea to start your interior designer business right away. So becoming an associate will definitely be a good option for you.

  • Licenses

Many states require an interior designer to take a license. He would also have to register and certify himself. These requirements change from state to state. Therefore, you should check whether your state demands any such licensing or certification and get it as soon as possible. Ideally, you will have to pass an exam after you have had at least 6 years of study and hands-on work experience. Moreover, you will also have to enroll for continuing education programs in the meanwhile.

  • Growth opportunities

Most of the interior designers prefer to work for different design firms where they advance in their career one step at a time. You can start as an apprentice and later become a chief designer as well. However, for people with a drive to start their own business, it is always better to first get sufficient experience and then look for a dependable clientele. You can also think about starting your career by working on all kinds of projects and then specializing in one field. For example, you can become a specialized home designer or an office designer.

This is one career option that will grow significantly till 2018. Therefore, there are still many opportunities left for you to grab. Make sure that you utilize them and find a great career.

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