Don’t Ruin A Project Before It Starts

Don’t Ruin A Project Before It Starts

A project that you undertake as an interior designer or interior decorator needs to be given full attention from your side. It is not possible that you do something half heartedly and achieve great results. You should not feel afraid of designing and decoration. Believe in yourself and also in the design that you have planned to create for your home. There can be many ways of starting a new project. You can start with paint, furniture or even the curtains and Ruin A Project Before It Startsupholstery in the room. The whole point of the matter is to find the right thread to get started with. Once you do, the rest of the project would become easier to accomplish.

If you are going through the dilemma of where to start the decoration from, we advise you to first make a plan. Most of the people would not bother much about planning and start decorating their new projects just like that. This would only make your projects look awful. Most likely you would realize your mistake when it’s too late and the results would be equally bad. Once you start planning, it would be very easy for you to know where to begin your project. Here are some tips that would make interior decorating a breeze for you.

  • Don’t believe the shade of the paint that you see in the paint store. The excessive fluorescent lighting at these stores would make the paint shade look different from what it actually is. As a result of this, you would likely face many problems in decorating your home. As an interior decorator, you should have a good sense of color. Check how the color looks in natural light as well as the artificial light available in the house. Decide what you want to buy only after doing this test.
  • Don’t think that you will be able to fit in everything somehow. This is one of the biggest blunders that interior designers often make. This is usually a result of lack of planning as well as lack of self control. Maybe you are able to buy a great bargain in the furniture store and think that you would be able to use the extra items of furniture in the room without any hassles. However, when you come back to the project site, you might find that the story is completely different than what you thought it would be.
  • Measure the dimensions of every room that you are going to decorate. Don’t buy anything for the room or plan anything for it unless you have the real and accurate dimensions of the space available with you. Working with approximate dimensions will always lead to bad results, especially in the case of furniture items.
  • Swatches are essential for every interior designer. You should not only keep fabric swatches of different varieties but you must also keep the swatches and templates of paints. This would be very helpful when you are discussing with your clients or when you go to shop for supplies.

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