Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 3

Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 3

In the last post of this series, we will be focusing on some more mistakes that new designers might make in their first few projects. Always remember that mistakes can easily be avoided through the right knowledge. Take a look:

  • Forcing a color scheme is a no-no

If things do not match, don’t make them match forcefully. This happens very often when designers want to give Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakesaccents to their designs. You could easily fall into the trap of forced color schemes without even realizing it. Let us assume that you have a red sofa. If you have to buy cushion covers for this sofa, you don’t have to find anything red. Black, white and other bold colors and patterns will look better here. In order to avoid the blunders of forced color schemes, you should first decide the family of colors that you will use. Choose a theme and a few theme colors. At any time, you should at least have the option of 5 colors that can be mixed and matched in order to create the perfect décor.

  • Your room needs a focal point

No matter how beautifully you have decorated a room, it would not look beautiful unless it has a focal point. The focal point in a bedroom could be its canopy bed while for a huge living room with many smaller spaces, it could be a fireplace, mantle or even a huge artwork. This focal point also needs to be decided in advance if you want to create a good design. Without a focal point, a room often looks like a collection of scattered identities and this is not a very pleasant design either.

  • The furniture and walls should not touch each other

This is one of the most common mistakes that designers make. You do not have to let the furniture stand next to the walls. They think that doing so would make the room look bigger. The reality is totally opposite to this. You would notice that the room looks bigger when there is sufficient space between the walls and the furniture. The room looks more spacious in this way.

  • No barriers

Always make space in the room. Interior designing is not about filling up a space with furniture and décor items. You also have to ensure that there is sufficient space to move in the room. There should be no barriers in the room. Don’t let a chair obstruct the closing or opening of a door. This creates a negative impression.

  • Cheap is not the best

When you go shopping for any project, you will come across the cheapest as well as the most expensive varieties of décor in the market. The best thing to do here is to avoid both the extremes, especially the cheaper ones. Things are cheap because they use lower quality of materials. Look for something reasonable that can also last fairly long. Don’t think that you will create a magical décor theme with the cheapest items of the lot.

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