Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 2

Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 2

In the previous post, we read about some mistakes that interior designers can make in the beginning of their career. We also suggested you some ways in which these mistakes can be avoided so that you and your clients are satisfied Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakeswith your design. Here are some other mistakes that new interior designers can make and also the ways in which they can be avoided.

  • Bold is the way to go

As per the latest trends in furniture and home décor, going bold has become customary in almost all kinds of interior designs. You don’t have to settle for something safe and traditional. Now, you can experiment with usual shapes, designs, sizes and even with prints and colors. Do not be afraid to bring this small dash of eccentricity in your designs. They would look striking as well as amazing. Go with some bold patterns even in the most traditional designs and see how beautiful your design looks.

  • The primary color is not your favorite color

Just like all other people, interior designers could also be very biased towards some colors. The wish to work with your favorite color is always a tempting choice for most of the designers. However, you have to focus on the colors that look the best in a particular setting and not the colors that you like. You need to look for colors that could easily pop in the client’s home, given his likes and lighting conditions. Often, subtler shades look far better in homes than bright colors. So keep this thing in mind while decorating.

  • Color psychology is important

Did you think that you will paint the biggest wall in the room in bright red? Think again. You need to focus a lot on the psychology of color. Don’t paint a living room in deep dark blue as it could make the people feel depressed. Instead of this, opt for more cheerful colors like yellows and oranges. Red will never make you feel relaxed. This color should be used sparingly in the room. In fact, it looks better in entertainment rooms and other such places where you need some activity. Kids’ rooms are better for red. Again, don’t color everything in red. Yellow is a cheerful color while blue works for relaxation. Green is also a calming color. Check these things out before you paint.

  • All colors have undertones

Not all colors would be as simple as they look like. Take the example of white. Some whites are completely off white while some others have undertones of yellow. Some blues may have undertones of red while some greens may have undertones of yellow. Almost all colors have undertones because of which they look completely different from each other. Some would be lighter, some darker and some brighter. The intensity of the colors should ideally be the same otherwise they would not look good together. Try to choose the colors with same undertones and also check whether they look good in the kind of lighting available in the house. White and amber light can bring a lot of difference in how a color is perceived.

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