Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 1

Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 1

Becoming an interior designer is certainly not an easy thing. You have to be a leader, a multitasker and even a bookkeeper. Hence, the chances of making mistakes are very high. If you are a newbie interior designer, you should definitely think about getting the most suitable ideas for your clients. However, lack of experience might make youDon’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes commit a few mistakes. Below, we are discussing the points where new designers go wrong. Keep them in mind while you are decorating your new project.

  • Make your own choices

You should not let anyone make choices for you, not even your clients. Your home is the best place for you to start your first design assignment. You would definitely not consider someone else’s opinion while decorating your home, isn’t it? You need to adopt the same approach for all your projects as well. Trust yourself and your skills. Of course, you can ask people for suggestions if you are stuck between options. However, the final words should always be yours.

  • Decide the color theme first

It is quite possible that you don’t get fabrics and curtains in the color of your choice. Usually people think that painting their home first is a bad idea and they should focus on buying upholstery first. However, this is also not the best approach for you. Instead of choosing a single color for the theme, choose multiple colors that would match with each other and still create a decent look. This would help you a lot in creating a good décor. You should be ready for surprises like these as the suppliers and contractors might not have what you want at all times.

  • Don’t use paint chips to choose colors

Most people think that they can choose colors by looking at paint chips in the store. This could be the worst way of choosing colors. The fluorescent lights of the store might make you believe that a color would look good on your walls but that is not necessary in your house. The lighting conditions are very different there. Therefore, instead of looking at the colors in the paint store, better paint a small mat or cardboard and hang it on the walls which you want to paint. It would give you a clear idea of how the color will look on the walls. Ensure that you use your own paint templates in order to decide the theme colors for your clients. As a designer, you need to have an exceptional sense of color.

  • Keep swatches with you

You should never decide what you want to buy in the store. Instead of this, you should be keeping your own folder full of swatches with you and check whether any of these swatches can be used in your design nicely or not. When you bring these swatches to the client’s home, check them out in the lights available in these places. It would be easier for you to decide what to choose and what to neglect in such a case.

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