Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 1

Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes 1

Becoming an interior designer is certainly not an easy thing. You have to be a leader, a multitasker and even a bookkeeper. Hence, the chances of making mistakes are very high. If you are a newbie interior designer, you should definitely think about getting the most suitable ideas for your clients. However, lack of experience might make youDon’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes commit a few mistakes. Below, we are discussing the points where new designers go wrong. Keep them in mind while you are decorating your new project.

  • Make your own choices

You should not let anyone make choices for you, not even your clients. Your home is the best place for you to start your first design assignment. You would definitely not consider someone else’s opinion while decorating your home, isn’t it? You need to adopt the same approach for all your projects as well. Trust yourself and your skills. Of course, you can ask people for suggestions if you are stuck between options. However, the final words should always be yours.

  • Decide the color theme first

It is quite possible that you don’t get fabrics and curtains in the color of your choice. Usually people think that painting their home first is a bad idea and they should focus on buying upholstery first. However, this is also not the best approach for you. Instead of choosing a single color for the theme, choose multiple colors that would match with each other and still create a decent look. This would help you a lot in creating a good décor. You should be ready for surprises like these as the suppliers and contractors might not have what you want at all times.

  • Don’t use paint chips to choose colors

Most people think that they can choose colors by looking at paint chips in the store. This could be the worst way of choosing colors. The fluorescent lights of the store might make you believe that a color would look good on your walls but that is not necessary in your house. The lighting conditions are very different there. Therefore, instead of looking at the colors in the paint store, better paint a small mat or cardboard and hang it on the walls which you want to paint. It would give you a clear idea of how the color will look on the walls. Ensure that you use your own paint templates in order to decide the theme colors for your clients. As a designer, you need to have an exceptional sense of color.

  • Keep swatches with you

You should never decide what you want to buy in the store. Instead of this, you should be keeping your own folder full of swatches with you and check whether any of these swatches can be used in your design nicely or not. When you bring these swatches to the client’s home, check them out in the lights available in these places. It would be easier for you to decide what to choose and what to neglect in such a case.

What Matters The Most In An Interior Design Concept?

What Matters The Most In An Interior Design Concept?

If you are a newbie interior designer, then you must already be overwhelmed with the kind of work that you have to do. There are so many new clients coming up with many different requirements. However, you don’t know what to do with these requests. The most difficult question that needs to be answered by you is related to the theme of the Matters The Most In An Interior Design Conceptinterior design. Of course, people have a lot of concepts in their mind. You might have your own ideas related to your space. So how does it become possible for you to define the best design for a space? We will find out next.

Where does the confusion lie?

The real confusion begins because of the client. Are we serious? You have already learnt that the client is never wrong and you need to do whatever the client wants. However, when you start to work, you realize that the client is always ‘almost right’. Most of the clients don’t even know what they are looking for. Some of them have had a good look at the ideas available online. They feel that the fancy ideas available on the internet can be realized in their homes very easily. Obviously, this is never the truth. Your job as an interior designer is to find out the best option for the client and tell him your point of view as well. Of course, you should try to incorporate his ideas into your design as well. However, make sure that the design idea suits the space.

So what is the right way to go?

As an interior designer, your first preference should be studying the space. Check out the dimensions of the space, make appropriate sketches and find out the peculiarities of the space that can be utilized by you in order to bring design brilliance to your home. Then you should be utilizing your knowledge in order to find the best designs and concepts for the space. It is at this time that you should talk to the client about his needs. Clients usually do not have a certain theme or idea in mind. However, they would definitely tell you about what they like or dislike or if there is something specific that they would want to see in that space.

Include these points by the client in your design. Finally check whether the space that you have created really matches with the personality as well as the needs of the client. If yes, then go ahead and start designing and decorating the space. In order to avoid any kind of conflict later on, you should make sure that you involve your clients in some of the decisions of interior designing and show him that you are really working in his benefit. As long as your client has confidence in you, you will be able to provide him a great result. However, if he does not believe in you, then chances are high that he would create problems in the end. So make sure that you focus on design concepts that include some of your client’s ideas as well.

Interior Designing As A Career Option

Interior Designing As A Career Option

Interior designing can be wonderful career option for most women. It is a relatively colorful and exciting color option that would certainly be enjoyed by you. Every day is a new challenge and offers many interesting insights as well. So let us know everything about interior designing as a career option so that you can explore it too.

  • Job description of an interior designer

An interior designer has to ensure that he enhances the space that is assigned to him. He has to improve the utility,Interior Designing As A Career Option form, function as well as aesthetics of a space. They would take furniture, colors, lighting and textures into account and ensure that the needs of the homeowners are met. Interior designers work for homes, offices and even schools and shopping malls. You can even specialize in any of these spaces to fetch a higher fee per hour.

  • Educational qualifications

One of the essential educational qualifications for an interior designer is a four year degree in interior designing. Many professional colleges around the States provide degree courses in interior design. A bachelor’s degree earned by a four year program is the most desirable. However, a certificate or an associate degree can also be earned if you opt for a two or three year course. Either way, you would be able to start working with an interior designer. There are many apprentice programs available with architect firms and design firms where you would easily find work. After this, you can either continue to work as an associate or start your own business as well. It would not be a good idea to start your interior designer business right away. So becoming an associate will definitely be a good option for you.

  • Licenses

Many states require an interior designer to take a license. He would also have to register and certify himself. These requirements change from state to state. Therefore, you should check whether your state demands any such licensing or certification and get it as soon as possible. Ideally, you will have to pass an exam after you have had at least 6 years of study and hands-on work experience. Moreover, you will also have to enroll for continuing education programs in the meanwhile.

  • Growth opportunities

Most of the interior designers prefer to work for different design firms where they advance in their career one step at a time. You can start as an apprentice and later become a chief designer as well. However, for people with a drive to start their own business, it is always better to first get sufficient experience and then look for a dependable clientele. You can also think about starting your career by working on all kinds of projects and then specializing in one field. For example, you can become a specialized home designer or an office designer.

This is one career option that will grow significantly till 2018. Therefore, there are still many opportunities left for you to grab. Make sure that you utilize them and find a great career.

Do You Have The Qualities Of An Interior Designer

Do You Have The Qualities Of An Interior Designer

It is not very easy to become an interior designer. A lot of people come to this field because they like furnishing their own house. They might be very fond of beautiful colors and furnishings and think that they can turn their hobby or liking into a good business idea. There is nothing wrong with this concept per se. However, this does not mean thatQualities Of An Interior Designer it would turn out to be a profitable business venture for everyone. This is because interior decoration as a business is quite different than buying home décor items for your own home. There are certain perks of every business that need to understand before you step into it.

  • You understand colors

If you do not have a good understanding of colors and how to use them together, then you should probably start learning about it. This understanding would help you in giving the best services to your clients. Remember, colors are the most important element of interior decoration. You will have to focus as much on colors as possible. Hence, achieve mastery on color combinations in any case.

  • You like multitasking

As an interior decorator, you will definitely have to multitask all the time. You will work as a decorator, bookkeeper, manager, supervisor and even as a contractor. Not only this, you will also work as a consultant to your clients. As a result of this, it would become very difficult for you to handle too many things at once. If you are not someone who can multitask, then you should definitely think about quitting this business or learn how to handle so many things at once. It would definitely sound very overwhelming to you at first, but trust us, this ability will definitely help you in the long run. Your personality traits matter the most when you are in this kind of business.

  • You have to be a leader

If you want to be an interior decorator, then you have to be a leader. You will have to manage a lot of people at once which would include your crew, contractors and even your clients. If you are not a natural leader, you would definitely face a lot of issues in handling so many people together. Make sure that you are learning how to exercise your authority without being too aggressive or demanding. Don’t be too soft spoken with everyone and make sure that you don’t push around with people.

  • You like organizing

Interior decorating is all about organizing. If you are not good at organizing, then you would probably be facing a lot of troubles in your new business. Remember, you will be organizing work, people, money and even your time. All this could become very overwhelming if you do not know how to organize things properly.

These were a few qualities that every interior designer should possess. If you have them, you are ready for business. However, even if you don’t have them, don’t worry. Just try to cultivate these qualities as habits and you will be good to go.


The Other Side Of Interior Decoration -2

The Other Side Of Interior Decoration -2

In the previous post, we read about the ways in which you would be able to start an interior decorating business. Those tips helped you in understanding what the real interior decoration market is about and what can you do in Other Side Of Interior Decorationorder to overcome your shortcomings. In this post too, we would be discussing about similar problems and issues and making sure that you have a successful interior decorating business. Let’s get started.

  • You need to learn how to resolve conflicts

When you are dealing with people, conflict becomes inevitable. Sometimes, the clients do not like what you offered them. Sometimes, the clients get confused and then blame you for all the mistakes. There could even be times when you have issues with contractors, plumbers, painting professional and more. You have to learn how to resolve conflicts as well. This would help you in the long run. Some people are just difficult to handle. First, try to make sure that you are not that difficult person. When you have checked this item, then you can go ahead and learn how to deal calmly with others. This would help you build long term relations and would also help you keep your clients satisfied at all times. Successful interior decorators always know how to manage their clientele well.

  • Learn how to manage money

If you are not very good in managing money, then you will probably have a lot of problems in managing your interior decoration business. In such a business, you need to keep a check on every dollar being spent and a failure to do so would ruin your business. You will have to keep all your expenses on track and also make sure that your crew also does the same. Lack of good money management skills will leave you in a loss, no matter how much you earn. Hence, you should always make sure that you keep your client’s money in close check. A failure to do so would lead you in hot waters and sometimes even the court.

  • Understand your limits

As a beginner, you are not expected to know everything about interior decoration. Of course, you would try your best to know everything about interior decoration as you possibly can. However, in case you find that you would not be able to do justice with a project, don’t feel shy to say no to it. There is no harm in learning what you don’t know about. However, do not do this at the expense of your clients. One dissatisfied client is equal to a hundred satisfied clients. The chances of a client coming back to you are higher if you tell them that you cannot handle such a big project in the beginning but would definitely do so in the future. If you do his work and ruin everything, then you will definitely land in trouble. So try to make sure that you are not just being a good interior decorator, but a good service provider in general.