Learn To Decorate Your Home Yourself

Learn To Decorate Your Home Yourself

You must be very tired of seeing your old home decor or maybe you are shifting to a new house or apartment. The very first thing which comes in our mind is that our interior should look well and good. The old decor or style may bother you because it is now dull, or you want to change the theme of your rooms. You can even do it yourself without spending too much money. You just have to focus on the decoration. It can be unique, traditional, modern, antique, old 80’s, retro and many more. Give your house good and beautiful appearance so that everyone Learn To Decorate Your Home Yourselfcompliments you. But the best way to get a beautiful interior decoration comes when you are going through themes and patterns.

While you even began to start focus and consider your interest, you may love the American (4th of July) colours; this can go well in your room while we are talking about themes. You can use flowers if you want something natural in your room, this really goes good when we talk about natural home decoration. If you want to match the colours you can get small pillows which will exactly match with bedspread.

If you have really good and beautiful bedspread of floral print then take that as a sample to your nearest or local paint stores. Always prefer to go with ‘Flower Power’ because this really matches well with the interiors. Make your bedroom look beautiful and make sure you buy colours like green or purple or shades of both. Also make sure that you choose matching paints which exactly match with your pillows and bedspread. You can take a help from store manager or salesperson if you are facing problem while choosing the right match and colours.

Go all with ‘flower power’ theme, you must be a flower lover so make your interior decoration look cheerful. Also you may have furniture like bookcases, dresser or other assorted furniture find quite a few match which go well with the theme. If you want to save a little money then make sure you use spill paints. Optional things may include lamps, pictures, wall borders and posters. These things are important aspects of your home decoration so make sure you choose something which is beautiful. But choose something else leaving purple because you have already chosen it once, go with light green or beige if possible.

Considerably while you are decorating your house yourself then it is important that you also consider your lifestyle and make choices on that basis because it is really very important for you that the theme which you are using is representing your personality. There may be many people who are going to visit at your home, be sure that they appreciate your work while you feel proud. Putting big mirrors of different shape and size can help your room look bigger because mirrors are the key element which creates illusion. Decorating your home yourself can be fun task so make sure you choose right colours and other aspects correctly, you can also search it on internet so that you don’t experience any problem.

Add Color Without Painting Your Walls

Add Color Without Painting Your Walls

Are you wondering how to add color to your walls? Any layman would tell you that the best way of adding colors to the walls is to paint them. However, as an interior designer, you would have to think about many more things except the wall color. What if your client is completely satisfied with the color of the walls but wants you to add more hues Add Color Without Painting Your Wallsto increase the vibrancy of his house? What would you do in this case? Today, we will be discussing about these interior design cheats that could easily help you accomplish these goals. Take a look.

  • Use fabric as wallpaper in the room

Always make sure that you are using some great wallpaper in the room in order to bring a dash of color to your room. The more vibrant the wallpaper, the better effect you will be able to create. Use liquid starch in order to hang the fabrics on your wall. The process can also be reversed as and when you like. Therefore, the original paint would not even come off and you would be able to handle everything with ease. The fabric can also be recycled as a result of which you would always be getting the best value from this kind of idea. You will be also be able to save a lot of money by buying discounted fabric from the yardage. Make sure that you have more yardage than you want.

  • Cover the walls with draperies

You can also think about covering your walls with draperies. The draped fabric always looks good and it can instantly add color to your room. These draperies can be used on your room right from the walls to the ceilings because of which it would become easier for you to make your room look amazing. If you want to give a better look to your draperies, then look for some vintage panels. They look amazing in any kind of home and even if they are long, they can be left to puddle. As a result of this, you get a rich look which can easily make the room look amazing in a jiffy.

  • Use MDF or hardboard painted panels

This is another great way of making the room look amazing without painting the walls. These boards often come with sharp edges which would have to be cut and sanded in order to get the smoothest look. The panels can be used when plain. However, if you like, then you can also use them along with picture frames with different kinds of paints, pictures and artworks pasted on them. Use these hardboards only around the most strategic locations in the house. This helps you in drawing the attention of the guests and also in creating a focal point in the room.

There are many more ways of bringing colors to your room without really painting the walls. This might include using colorful pillows and cushions in the room or looking for painted furniture.

No More Boring Spaces

No More Boring Spaces

A house should never be a boring space. It should be a space where you can easily interact with your family and guests and feel relaxed. Not only this, these spaces need to be positive and energetic as well. However, most of the homeowners do not understand the different principles of home design. In the end, they are left with dull and No More Boring Spacesboring spaces that fill up their life with negative energies. So it is important for you to break the monotony of these spaces and make them as interesting as possible.Here are some ways in which you can add more interest and excitement to boring spaces.

  • Breaking the matching sets

Most of the homeowners and decorators go and buy matching sets for themselves. They think that buying such sets would make their room look amazing. However, they may make their rooms look very monotonous. As a result of this, these homeowners feel that they should be changing the look of their rooms as soon as possible. If you have been assigned such a project, then your first preference should be breaking the monotony of the room. Try to break the matching sets. Matching smaller pieces of furniture is still okay. However, you should not be matching all of the furniture items. Go for an eclectic style of furniture store. We are sure that you will certainly be finding this to be an appealing way of handling your interior decoration project. However, going for an eclectic décor does not mean that you should be getting anything from anywhere. Make sure that they match with each other, but not to the grain.

  • Creation of a focal point

You should always make sure that there is a focal point in your room. Most of the homeowners do not understand this small detail about furniture and interior décor and they randomly place things where they like. As a result of this, it is very difficult to create focal points in the room and the furniture items never look like they share anything similar. As a result of this, the room looks very mismatched. Hence, create a focal point in the room with the help of furniture and even artwork. A good way to create a focal point in the room could be the use of accent walls. They look amazing in any room and also help you in enhancing the architectural details of the house that may look amazing when coupled with a photo wall or artwork.

  • Throw some pillows and cushions

Bring some pillows and throws into the room. Make sure that they have some very bold and exciting colors. This would definitely help you a lot in ensuring that your room looks amazing without spending too much time and effort. You have to bring pillows as well as cushion covers in different sizes and also ensure that they are in bright contrasting colors to the walls. It would help you bring a pop of color to the room. Get ready for the best interior decoration ideas ever.

Some More Ways To Update A Room Quickly

Some More Ways To Update A Room Quickly

We are sure that you already know about many ways in which you can upgrade your room quickly. Many a times, interior designers face the issue of giving a quick makeover to the room without doing too much work. Changing the color of the paint or using some extra décor items like floor lamps are very common. Are there some other ways in which your room can get a great update and that too without too much effort. Sure there are many ways. Take aSome More Ways To Update A Room Quickly look.

  • Use a mirror

One of the best ways to change the look of the room entirely is to use a mirror. A mirror can reflect a lot of light in the room because of which the luminosity inside the room would automatically increase and that too without breaking the bank. Moreover, mirrors in small rooms can make them look bigger because of which the space looks less cluttered. As a result of this, the room starts looking beautiful instantly without bringing in a lot of décor items.

  • An interior curtain works well too

Have you ever thought about using interior curtains in your room? You can hang them almost anywhere that you feel like. This kind of decoration looks very unique and is very inexpensive as well. It can add a lot of positive energy to the room and would also help in bringing more light inside the room. Go for some mirrored furniture items along with this kind of curtains as light would be reflected more in this way. If you are using metal furniture in your room, their reflective surfaces would be matching very well with this kind of interior curtains. Chrome finished steel and even polished steel looks very good with this kind of curtains.

  • A feature wall can be a great idea too

If you think that there is no space for furniture or décor theme upgrade in the room, then you should probably think about making a feature wall in the room. A feature wall can become the focal point in your room. Moreover, it would also be showcasing the most prized possessions of your family, your most priceless moments and even your achievements. Hence, it looks very nice. The feature wall can be the first wall that people come across when they enter your room.

  • Bring some slipcovers for the furniture

If you are looking for an upgrade for the furniture, then you should probably look for slipcovers. They look very good and they can instantly change the look of your room as well. The furniture of your room is always the mainstay of your design theme. Go for white colored themes. Red and black are also making headlines these days. You should choose such bold color for making your room look amazing. Don’t just add some slipcovers. Add some cushions and pillows as well. It would help you in making the room look amazing and that too at a fraction of the cost. Try these ideas today!

How To Update Rooms Instantly

How To Update Rooms Instantly

Giving a room an instant update could be one of the biggest challenges to an interior decorator. Throughout your career, you would come across clients that are not looking for details. They might want to give their room a beautiful new update and that too quickly. Maybe they have some special occasion in their house or they are completely satisfied with the design but just want it to look a little different. Here are some ways in which it would becomeHow To Update Rooms Instantly easier for you to manage your room upgrade process with ease.

  • Ceiling deserves an upgrade

Most of us would leave the ceilings as they are without bothering about their color. They are usually white and hardly have anything to do with your room décor. However, if you are looking for a quick upgrade to the room, then you should definitely think about giving your ceiling an upgrade. It would be helpful in making the room look more colorful. A paint color that is one or two shades lighter or brighter than the rest of the room would be a perfect choice for you in this case. It would improve the way that your ceiling looks for sure. Going for some ceiling stencils would also not be a bad idea.

  • Change the look of a table

Most of the times, the center table or the dining table needs an upgrade for sure. A good table can transform the look of your house completely. So make sure that you are bringing a pop of color or style to the table for sure. The best way to go forward is to use some seasonal décor for you’re the tables. If it is a dining table, it would be worthwhile to invest in some fine grade plastic dining sets instead of bone china. The plastic sets can be changed with ease and would be colorful enough to make your room look amazing. In case it is a center table of the dining room, try to replace it with a glass tabletop to get a brand new effect.

  • Add some lighting

Some of the times, adding some good lighting to the room would completely transform how the room looks, regardless of the fact that you are making any changes there. There are many homes that lack sufficient lighting. These homes deserve a lighting upgrade. Add some accent lights to the room. These accent lights look great when they are added to a bookshelf or some other piece of art. A floor lamp would also look amazing if you invest in a unique variety of lamp shade. There is nothing that adds more warmth to the room than a floor lamp. Also experiment a little with the color of lights. White light is always good for illumination while amber lights are good for creating a warm and cozy space.

These were some ways in which you would be able to create beautiful interiors without spending too much time or effort. Try them today and see how your clients appreciate your work.