Add Color Without Painting Your Walls

Add Color Without Painting Your Walls

Are you wondering how to add color to your walls? Any layman would tell you that the best way of adding colors to the walls is to paint them. However, as an interior designer, you would have to think about many more things except the wall color. What if your client is completely satisfied with the color of the walls but wants you to add more hues Add Color Without Painting Your Wallsto increase the vibrancy of his house? What would you do in this case? Today, we will be discussing about these interior design cheats that could easily help you accomplish these goals. Take a look.

  • Use fabric as wallpaper in the room

Always make sure that you are using some great wallpaper in the room in order to bring a dash of color to your room. The more vibrant the wallpaper, the better effect you will be able to create. Use liquid starch in order to hang the fabrics on your wall. The process can also be reversed as and when you like. Therefore, the original paint would not even come off and you would be able to handle everything with ease. The fabric can also be recycled as a result of which you would always be getting the best value from this kind of idea. You will be also be able to save a lot of money by buying discounted fabric from the yardage. Make sure that you have more yardage than you want.

  • Cover the walls with draperies

You can also think about covering your walls with draperies. The draped fabric always looks good and it can instantly add color to your room. These draperies can be used on your room right from the walls to the ceilings because of which it would become easier for you to make your room look amazing. If you want to give a better look to your draperies, then look for some vintage panels. They look amazing in any kind of home and even if they are long, they can be left to puddle. As a result of this, you get a rich look which can easily make the room look amazing in a jiffy.

  • Use MDF or hardboard painted panels

This is another great way of making the room look amazing without painting the walls. These boards often come with sharp edges which would have to be cut and sanded in order to get the smoothest look. The panels can be used when plain. However, if you like, then you can also use them along with picture frames with different kinds of paints, pictures and artworks pasted on them. Use these hardboards only around the most strategic locations in the house. This helps you in drawing the attention of the guests and also in creating a focal point in the room.

There are many more ways of bringing colors to your room without really painting the walls. This might include using colorful pillows and cushions in the room or looking for painted furniture.

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